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All Access Transportation Inc

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Hours of Operations: 24 Hrs a Day 7 Days a Week

Owner's Statement

"All Access Transportation Inc. has been in operation since 2005 in Tampa, Florida. We are a family-owned and operated private transportation company. I graduated from St. John's University in New York (1991) and was working with two different institutions on Wall Street until I relocated my family and myself in 2001. The reason for the location? Tampa bay is just that beautiful and growing. I produced a transportation company focused on corporate and high profile needs because of my experience working on Wall Street. The phones will always be answered, and there is no calling answering services used by All Access. They are answered by someone who can give you quotes or answer questions on the spot.

Peter Zacek

As an owner, I am still one of the chauffeurs for my company because of the love and desire of our industry. I am just like one of my chauffeurs, and they enjoy that I am not egotistical. Type A personality YES, Hands-on with everything YES, all decisions go through me, YES, but I look at everyone with me as equals. I train everyone personally, and there are background screens, including drug testing constantly.

All Access Transportation Inc. has been involved heavily with ALL large events, including RNC and Super Bowls. We have supplied transportation for groups from 10 to over 1000. We are not the largest company in Tampa, but we are the ones that take this business seriously, discretely, and put all our hearts to make sure that your transportation goes perfect.

For ALL that have used us currently or will give us a try in Tampa or New York, I would like to say Thank You personally. I will always do my best, and so will everyone at All Access Transportation Inc."


Featured in the LCT Magazine: Details Make Operator Stand Out

Posted on July 3, 2013, by Michael Campos - Also by this author

Florida operator Peter Zacek has learned some good advice: Don't take things personally, be ready to sacrifice, and don't complain.

What he did before: Peter Zacek graduated from St. John's University in Jamaica, Queens, with a major in business and a minor in psychology. He pursued a career on Wall Street, where he was a stockbroker for more than 10 years.

How he got into the business: "I got burned after the [stock market] crash; I got my clients back up, so they weren't hurt, then I said, 'I want out,'" Zacek says. "My wife and I left New York and came to Tampa with no jobs, and we started from the ground up. I started selling cars, then I started bartending, and that's when I met someone who owned a limo company in Tampa. If you want to meet people, you bartend." Zacek worked for and received mentorship from late NLA board director Julie Herring of Julie's Limousine and Coachworks in Tampa, and Steve DiMarco of Premier Limousine in Berlin, Conn.

Start-up costs and methods: Zacek founded All Access Transportation in 2005, with a GMC Yukon SUV. "I started with an SUV instead of a Lincoln Town Car because I wanted larger passenger capacity. I would go by myself to all the local hotels and get business cards and talk to people; then, I'd follow up with phone calls to see if I could provide transportation."

Best marketing strategy: "Being involved with the community is number one. I meet a lot of people going to charity events. When you're at something like a charity golf tournament, you can make fun of each other's golf swings. I don't sit there as a salesperson to sell my company. I chat with everyone about other things, and then business comes up eventually. Also, I have built a company of good people [who] defines my business and reputation, which brings good word-of-mouth."

Biggest success: Super Bowl and the Republican National Convention
"The Super Bowl was a trial; we made mistakes, rented too many cars, paid for too many permits, the decisions for overhead were made incorrectly, but I didn't know what was coming at us. We modified things for the RNC. We made a list of things that we screwed up for the Super Bowl and made sure we didn't repeat them at the RNC. I ended up with the accounts for Fox and Bloomberg, and it went great."

Lessons learned: "Don't take things too personally."

Keys to success: "Being hands-on and making a client's happiness, my number one concern. In this game, the offense always wins, and the defense loses. If there's a problem, you have to handle it right then and there. I will call the client to address the situation before they call me."

Unique approaches to customer service: Before each run, Zacek and his chauffeurs go through a checklist to make sure they have everything prepared, such as their keys, a pen, water, coolers, ice, gas in the tank and a clean car. "I also give myself enough time to go to the drop-off location before pick up to familiarize myself with it," he says.

Advice to operators: "Take your ego, take your time that you want to spend for yourself, and be ready to sacrifice. If you don't sacrifice [and] don't get involved, then don't complain. No one wants to hear you complaining. It's not easy in this industry, but when I wake up, I don't say, 'Oh, this sucks.' No. I look forward to going to work every day. I enjoy my job."